Born in 1995 from the mind of New York Native, Scott Sasso, 10 Deep apparel brings a sense of east coast swagger and bold power to the street clothing scene.  With deep roots in skate, graffiti, punk and hip-hop subcultures, 10 Deep clothing makes a statement about the wearer as someone with an interest in counter-culture fashion. By wearing 10 Deep hats, jackets, buttondowns and accessories, one is able to forget the mainstream idea of what is cool, and develop a sense of their own unique individuality. With heavy usage of graphics, classic camouflage prints and updated design, 10 Deep apparel has made a mark on the current streetwear scene, with absolutely no signs of stopping.

 It was intended to reflect the ideals and ideas of youth street culture as an adolescent in New York City. 10 Deep describes the power that lies in the hands of an individual's 10 fingers. Driven by personal strength and strong senses of collective individuality, 10 Deep continues to reflect New York culture through tenacious fashion pieces.